Apr 232016

shitzucakeBelieve it or not , this is a cake, created my old school friend Sandra , who kindly auctioned it off to raise funds for our Foundation.

So having got back to work after an extended break I would like to send big thanks to Sandra for creating this masterpiece and to the lucky recipient who helped towards Sandra’s recent donation of approximately 2500 baht (£ 50).

This money will go towards our educational scholarship fund to help disadvantaged Thai children who can not afford the fees for Higher education.

If you would like o boost that fund some more you can donate direct to our Foundation account or check the Paypal list below.

Educational Scholarships

Bong Takes The Next Steps to a Brighter Future

Bong Takes The Next Steps to a Brighter Future

[Translate] And so, thanks to the great responses to Bongs Appeal he is now on his way to Samat Prakan to start his year long course , training as a Hospital Orderly. Bong came to Stratton ABC 5 years ago, from a very remote mountain in Nan Province, being from a  Hmong Hilltribe Community. Although there was […]